Prison Architect Alpha 34

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Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby Chris » Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:11 pm

Alpha 34 has been released! Steam users will be automatically updated. Non-steam users can download the latest version from the builds page here:

You need an active forum account to access the builds from our website. If you haven’t already done so, please register your game here to gain access to the builds, the private forums, the bug database and the wiki.

Here is our video demonstrating the new features:

= Gangs
Some prisoners will now have gang allegiences upon entering your prison.
This can make those prisoners much harder to deal with, as they will work to defend each other during trouble.

This is an optional feature, enabled by ticking the new "Gangs" tickbox in the New Map screen.
(Nb. You can also hack gangs into an existing prison by adding 'EnabledGangs true' to the top of the .prison file)

More dangerous / higher security prisoners are more likely to be gang members.

- Gang members can be identified visually by their full body tattoos
- Gang members will always come to the aid of their fellow gang member when fights break out.
This includes coming to the aid of a fellow gang member involved in a fight with guards.

- Gang members more likely to try to steal weapons, and more likely to carry them rather than stash them
- Gang members will not participate in any voluntary reform programs
- Gang members will not work for the prison

- New view : Intelligence => Gangs. Highlights all known gang members and shows the total number of members of each gang.

Nb. This is part 1 of a larger feature.

= New room: Shop
- Requires shelves and a shop front. The shop front should go on a wall such that prisoners can acces the shop front from a corridoor.

- Shop goods will be brought into the prison in the usual way, and taken to the shop.
- Prisoners can work in the shop, and will unpack the boxes of goods onto the shelves.
- Prisoners can buy items from the shop to help with their needs:
- Soap, shampoo etc for Hygene
- Towels, blankets etc for Comfort
- Magazines for entertainment
- Snacks for Hunger

- All prisoners are now paid a fixed wage of 50 cents per hour when working for the prison
- Items in the shop cost $5 each
- Prisoner wages and shop takings are now shown in the daily cashflow report (updated at midnight)

- Prisoners are more inclined to participate in voluntary training programs, and will concentrate harder,
when there is a shop on site. (They want to earn that wage to buy things for themselves).

- The shop is a potential source of smuggled contraband

= Asian language support
The game now supports asian character sets, paving the way for translations into

- Mail room (continued)
- Fixed: Mail satchels would be endlessly delivered in certain circumstances
- You can now dump mail satchels if you end up with too many

- Escape tunnels (continued):
- Each member of a dig team now brings diminishing returns to the overall speed of digging.
This represents the fact that (say) 10 prisoners just couldn't dig all at once in one square.
Previously 4 prisoners would dig four times faster than just 1 prisoner.
it will now take 4 prisoners to dig twice as fast as just 1 prisoner
It will take 11 prisoners to dig three times as fast as just 1 prisoner

- Searching a toilet manually will now reveal any escape tunnels.
Nb this requires you specifically search the toilet itself, and does not apply if the toilet is searched
as part of a "search cell" or "search cell block" order

- Conventional fences no longer slow diggers down

- The research screen now flashes a warning if you are attempting to research an item,
but are missing the neccesary Administrator, or he does not have an office

- Emergency services personel no longer need to rest in a staff room

- More prisoner faces added to the sprite bank, for greater variety

- 0003270: [Control & User Interface] Flashing Yellow area in deployment screen not explained
- 0004990: [Gameplay] Basic Detention Center fails to recognize completed rooms if other rooms are incomplete
- 0003318: [AI & Behaviour] Delivery Trucks fail to stop and unload (when delivery zone at bottom of the map)
- 0006493: [AI & Behaviour] prisoners use the same seat/phone/shower etc
- 0007248: [Mod System] Special Characters prevent mods from work
- 0008666: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners reading books will stop following regime and freeze up unable to fulfill needs.
- 0008916: [AI & Behaviour] Mail Room keeps ordering more Mail Satchels
- 0007670: [Control & User Interface] Spelling of bureaucratic in Chapel Description
- 0003271: [Gameplay] Clone Tool + Water
- 0007630: [AI & Behaviour] Gardeners and other AI vibrate when in 3x speed mode
- 0006067: [Gameplay] Prisoners are tunneling too fast (through perimeter wall)
- 0001166: [Gameplay] Guards wont take prisoners to Solitary Confinement, prisoner stuck in limbo
- 0008714: [AI & Behaviour] Some dump jobs are never done
- 0008766: [AI & Behaviour] Empty Parole Program slots not being filled despite long queue of eligible prisoners
- 0005953: [Graphics] Uniform's are sometimes under the bed
- 0006142: [Graphics] Render issues when stacking drains with other items
- 0008750: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners do not leave Transport Bus if reception is full of laundry
- 0005453: [Gameplay] Power Switch + Cctv Monitor = UNLIMITED VISIBIlITY!
- 0008996: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoner released during shower leaves naked
- 0000665: [Gameplay] pausing stops the limit-check for daily spending
- 0008034: [AI & Behaviour] Chefs Don't Cook
- 0008129: [Graphics] Death Row font too dark
- 0006952: [AI & Behaviour] In large prisons suboptimal transport job causes death of overdosing prisoners during transportation to infirmary
- 0005830: [Gameplay] Bureaucracy research never finishes if started during pause after firing warden
- 0002935: [Gameplay] Guard dogs kill prisoners
- 0007920: [AI & Behaviour] Unconscious dog and dead handler
- 0006228: [AI & Behaviour] Dog handlers can't get tazers anymore, but research says they can
- 0009032: [AI & Behaviour] Dead guards in hearse still have flashlight on
- 0003311: [AI & Behaviour] Guards escorting prisoners to from their cell to the same cell over and over
- 0008135: [AI & Behaviour] Dirty trays are being stacked outside canteen (in a remote solitary cell, for example)
- 0007151: [Gameplay] Truck drivers can be sacked
- 0006966: [AI & Behaviour] 0 demand for meals in the second hour of Eat
- 0003132: [Gameplay] Sometimes contraband is listed as "None"
- 0007437: [AI & Behaviour] Cooks Not Cooking
- 0007933: [Other] cooks wont cook (Cellblock assigned to non-canteen in logistics)
- 0008904: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry without door breaks near-by rooms
- 0008624: [AI & Behaviour] Riot Police get tired
- 0007675: [Graphics] Altar not displaying properly against a wall
- 0008988: [Save & Load] Last Game Save causes a Crash to Steam Client
- 0008946: [Gameplay] Library Books keep coming
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby xander » Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:34 pm

Ooo... gangs!

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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby wevans311082 » Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:05 pm

This product not feature complete and in beta yet after 3 years or so? Perhaps a subscription model would of been better after .... Finish it and move on - after 100's of hours in game. Been there done that now- I want someone new and shiny from you guys - I know you can do it Chris!
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby dragonsdoom » Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:08 pm

This looks like a really cool update, I can't wait to try it out!
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby mm615657 » Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:44 pm

i have replace the "Save"in base-language.txt with "保存test" but it didn't work, "???絥st "was shown instead.
where can i download the japanese translation mod in the video? i can't find it on steam work shop.
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby WiseWoodrow » Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:24 pm

Question - if I enable gangs via 'EnabledGangs true' in an already existing prison, if I disable it later, what will happen?

I'm guessing I'll keep gang members but also not be able to receive more? That'd be optimal -
I'd hate it if disabling it due to too much of a challenge or something would literally corrupt my prison.
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby aliuwr » Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:24 am

mm615657 wrote:i have replace the "Save"in base-language.txt with "保存test" but it didn't work, "???絥st "was shown instead.
where can i download the japanese translation mod in the video? i can't find it on steam work shop.

I already upload the Chinese translations into Steam Workshop. You should be able to select Chinese right now.
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby Pogmothoin » Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:45 am

Couple of quick questions:

Does the shop's err.... "Entertainment" magazines fulfil the literacy need, cos we all know people like to read the articles in them.
And what happens if a Volatile prisoner get their hands on one? That could be messy, or is that what the towels are for?

PS: Thanks for all the irritating bug fixes, especially mail room/library. Although there was something strangely satisfying about watching a dog who had just had his master killed limp all the way to the infirmary so that it could gut the offending prisoner while they lay there unconscious. Also I will be happy not to see all the guys cottaging in the toilets, I know it happens a lot in prisons, but that was a little too graphic.

PPS: Thanks for adjusting the Death Row colour on the main screen (cell count etc), on the intelligence screen it's still really hard to see their traits though (grey on a grey/black background isn't good).
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby paulthekiller123 » Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:50 pm

I have a few ideas for future updates, I have many ideas but I'll list what I want and other may also want.
So firstly I really want the deployment to have more advancement, so just say that you would want to only deploy maximum and medium in one zone but not protective, minimum or death row in a canteen together, then in deployment you click on maximum and medium and put them in to one zone. By showing this, you guys. I want this because i want protective custody and minimum to be together because minimum are less likely to assassinate snitches (this could be shown in the deployment as half yellow and half grey in a canteen).

My second suggestion is that requirement for certain things such as filing cabinet, computers, phones and drink machine should have mechanics applied to them such as filing cabinets have plans of the prison (which makes it easier for them to escape) and prisoner can sneakily get a mobile phone and take a photo of the plans/map of the prison and go back to their room at night and start digging underground. Also drinking machine should be a no no for prisoner because there is caffeine/alcohol and caffeine overdose can lead to lack of sleep which makes your prisoners unhappy but if there is no drinks for them they will be still be unhappy so ye average drinks a day.

Also I suggest ideas such as new types reputation; hackers are clever deadly prisoners that can hack into your prisoner system and shut down electrical stuff such as the power generator and which in results makes riot more imminent, but to do this they must be provided with computers/laptops/office desk, but if it is a prisoner that don’t have this reputation, computers could be used as browsing which could increase their chance of passing the general education program/ foundation education(also could be used as recreation) and escapist are clever prisoners that have escape many prisons more easily than other prisoners through disguising(could be taken from a unconscious/dead officer),tunneling with their advanced knowledge of crafting(also I think you great developers should implanted crafting so it makes it easier for prisoner to escape), and so on). I think that you guys could implement a mechanic that manually restricts an individual prisoners from entering certain areas such as restricting them from offices and so on....(such as that you don't want a hacker to go into offices to hack into computers)

I think books should also have mechanics implanted such as that reading books could be used as a source for education (reading which could increase their chance of passing the general education program/ foundation education), it also could be used as spirituality, literacy and recreation. And also there should be a new need that says that if your prisoners are making friends or not (sorry for bad grammar) and if your prisoners are friendly towards each other (which might result in higher chance of escaping together and quicker). Prisoners that mix with other prisoners (such as maximum mixing with minimum) can lead to fights and unfriendliness, so in this case, splitting different prisoners types into different zones are better.
I would also like electric fences(they cost lot of money and 5 fence equal 1 bar(or whatever) but are very useful in preventing/slowering down tunneling escapists.) and a watchtower where 'Sniper Guards'(I would like this new feature of different types of guards)can try to prevent escapists with their snipers.

Lastly, I would like different types of guns with different amount of bullets each which can be used by armed guards such as Pistols/Revolver (Medium rate of fire, medium damage and can be shot from ALMOST any distance within the range of the firearm and do the same amount of damage.), Snipers (Are slow in rate of fire, high damage, only advantageous when shot from a long distance), Shotgun(slow rate of fire, high damage, many caliber pellets that can damage multiple enemies and are only advantageous when shot from short distance) and lastly Assault Rifle(large amount of bullets in the each clips/magazine, high/medium damage, high rate of fire and can be use from almost any distance within its range. But sadly only can be used by national guard.)

I hope that you guys take this into consideration, keep up the good work.
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby Pogmothoin » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:23 pm

I'm noticing lots of little nice changes, some of which aren't mentioned in the patch notes.

Solitary, if you assign it to a group, only that group can be put in there, that wasn't working for me previously. So now my guards don't take protected guys half way across a prison to the max sec solitary wing.

The search toilet to find tunnels is very nice, now I can just search a few cells near where a dog finds something, instead of the dog going nuts and me failing to find anything.

Holding cell beds now count towards safe capacity, that's very nice because it allows me to judge quickly when I'm approaching breaking point and I can calculate roughly how many more I can squeeze in over and above safe capacity. I estimated my prison could have 1000 inmates with the holding cells, and now I know I have exactly 974 beds. So I know that having 1000 inmates isn't going to cause many problems.

Graphic updates to the items related to workshop, and new faces are cool (please add them to name in game)

I haven't spotted any issues with the shop so far, some have reported issues with shop window placement though. If you set up the shop properly it seems to run fairly smoothly, you do need to adjust the regime though so that one population is working while another has free time, so that the shop is manned and people can purchase from it, otherwise all those hard workers never get a chance to spend cash.

There have been some tweaks to zoning as well, my main travel routes can be unlocked and almost all the doors on them unlock in a sensible way, I was getting some doors unlocking and some not before.
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby Fistalis » Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:08 am

I'll preface this with I watch too much Orange is the new black.

Ideas I would like to see.

1. Gardening.. the basis of which is already in place with the forestry. Uskilled inmates grow food to offset food costs. New job for unskilled inmates/

2. Guards gain experience.. newer guards should be less effective in general.

3. Cell phones required to setup outsidedrops (contraband thrown over walls) Payphone can be used but using bugged payphones should tip you off.

4ish.. I know you have more plans for gangs so I'll just add I hope to see heirarchy and possible infighting for the leadership position. Orginized smuggling of contraband etc etc.

That being said thanks for the hard work and new features its nice to see things that were on the wish list of many players added finally.. even if its in the initial stages.
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby kasi-laubfrosch » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:57 am

Hi all,

the new update is nice and i built a new prison from scratch :)

Ignore this below - this might be caused by human error :) .. by fault i assigned a large potion as "staff only"
BUT: after few hours it broke "everything" because the cooks refuse cooking and the "foundation education program" does not get participants once "resceduled". Also the prisoners get escorted to their cells even there is a path towards their cells. i uploaded a prison here: ... sp=sharing

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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 34

Postby Wyldhawke » Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:20 pm

I've noticed a small problem with the shop - if you have your prison all segregated out (in other words, sections for each security level) - then nobody can go shopping. I.E. normal security won't go shopping during work hours (when the shop is open) and the shop isn't open during free time for them to shop. Suggestion for fixing it: either have a guard man the window during free time hours (which ties up a guard) or allow prisoners to go buy something during work hours. My prison is all separated out with the same regime work times so nobody buys anything. .. :(

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