IDEA: Another use of Subversion ?

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IDEA: Another use of Subversion ?

Postby Squish » Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:15 pm

Hi there,

no idea if the DEVs are reading here still, but if they do, I would like to give a Little idea to the usage of Subversion.

Some time ago I bought a Software bündle which included the Subversion Demo. Well, I am actually looking for a neat City Generator to create 3D cities, but so far I didn't find anything that could be of real use for me. That Subversion demo was just amazing, and I loved watching it creating random cities step by step.

So well, if ist not possible (at least for now) to make it an own game, which it was supposed to become as far as I understood, why not making it a 3D Citiy Generator (which it is very capable to do already) and make it possible to Export? Regarding to the debug.log from the demo file, it tried obviously to Export a BMP, but failed because of something missing. I see plenty Folders generated by the demo which all are empty. So ... with just looking at the stuff the way it is, isn't it possible to tell Subversion to Export the City into fbx-files or whatever 3D Format? Doesn't Need Animations, doesn't Need textures or whatever, just Export it as it is, As simply grid style (wireframe?).

I am harassing Google since weeks to find something that could do anything similar, but besides some plugin Thing for Blender (which creates cities totally different and not in the same Quality in my opinion), there was nothing that is any similar/powerful to Subversion.

Well, thats most probably not the wanted goal for it, but I am pretty sure there are more interested in something like that, not only me ;)

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