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GrandTour 3.0 Help!

Postby OptimalNorway » Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:36 pm

I have done GrandTour with Revelation 1.0, but with 3.0 I can't win Uplink! (Or loose, or end or whatever)

I think it's wierd that with Version 3.0 it's harder, but it actually is!

So, more information about my situation:

Faith is at version 0.2
Revelation is at version 3.0
I have the Uplink agent list and I've put them all in jail.

So what I do is the following:

Connect to an Internal Services Machine (I bounce alot of course)
Enable Proxy Bypass (Max Version) (Monitor Bypass if it's the only one)
Break the Password then enter the system
Go to Admin and disable all security systems
Copy Revelation 3.0 onto the hard-drive
Go into the Command Window and start Revelation. (Now I get automatically disconnected)
Repeat the steps above.

15 machines are infected at the same time at peak, then it goes all the wayt down to 4. When I try to reinstall revelation all of the computers are destroyed.

So how am I supposed to do this? It seems that I am prevented from winning of two reasons the first one that I have 10-15 mins time limit (First time I think it was 20?) and the fact that the Machines gets destroyed and there are no-one left in the end.

The Goal is to do it the "real way" with version 3.0, but It's impossible! Please help!

Sorry for my bad English. I know this is a British board and I am not a native speaker of English myself.

Update: After another attempt, I got to around 14 infected at once. But I thought I had lost it because I did not think I would have time to finish it. So I fast forwarded and got the Success screen. But when I checked my profile again, it says I was disawoved for working for ARC? I got the message stating that their Core network system had a fatal failure, but still it says that I was disawoved?
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