StartPylon/Generator Issue Solution

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StartPylon/Generator Issue Solution

Postby ItchyDani3l » Sat May 12, 2012 8:45 am

I think I've finally discovered why the energy from people's generators across levels haven't been working properly.

I was tinkering with my mod and was setting an objective for bringing a Refinery online, a critical part of my map.
I noticed that the objective recognized it as a refinery and automatically added the primitive count to the objectives board. I also noticed that the refinery did not come 'online' once my darwinians captured it.

I suspect that the refinery did not come online because it is hard coded to come online only after having processed a certain number of primitives, and I think it may be the same way with the generator. It will probably add the same units to the objectives board like the refinery did.

If what I read before is correct, the StartPylon won't come online until a generator somewhere in a linked Location that Is Global is online.
The problem is that the generator will only come online once it has about 65 Ghz/h running through it, which is a hardcoded requirement.

It would appear that the only solution to the problem, then, would be to include at least 18 or so solar panels into a level if you want to successfully power a generator and send the resulting energy through a trunk port.

I hope this helps with all of you wanting to use generators.

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