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Postby FusionGamer » Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:56 pm

Maybe this is under an FAQ somewhere, maybe IV does not care, but the question will be made anyway - Are they going to port the XBL achieves over to Steam's Darwinia/Multiwinia so that we can FINALLY record our achievements the way they were MEANT to be done?

Some may argue why do this, well for starters Steam's recent xmas sale included the bundle pack, ok so it's cheap but you might pick up some new gamers anyway, next up is the fact that Multiwinia has achieves on Steam already so we know the engine can be coded to include them on steamworks.

XBL gets 200+ I think it was, so a port over so we can all record what we have done in the game properly would be nice, and MW only has 12 but I am sure you could throw in some more.

But the #1 reason why you should do this is because we could all go back and replay the game and be told hey you killed the virus, you launched the rocket, you play such and such mod map, you saved X number of souls, you upgraded to max lvl on squad etc, you completed the game on easy/medium/hard....I'd give anything to see achieves done for Darwinia 1.6 and I hope and prey they do so, it's not about money or opinions or comments, it's the love for the game that counts and I am sure the community would love to see it finally get achieves too.

You can do it IV....multiwinia has it's Darwinias turn!!!!
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Postby bert_the_turtle » Sat Jan 02, 2010 1:52 am

You can already totally replay the game and say you did all those things :) And no, porting things back from D+ to Darwinia is a nontrivial task. Coding is not cooking ;)

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