sort server list, waiting-for-more first

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sort server list, waiting-for-more first

Postby MadMorgan » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:58 pm

My suggestion: Sort the server list so that servers with players-waiting-for-more are listed before all the empty servers.

With the large number of dedicated servers which are empty, often a player will queue up for a game only to have that particular server not show up on the first page of the server list, ie. a potential player would need to scroll down the server list to even realize anyone is online and looking for an opponent. It's become common knowledge amongst the few people who still play this game regularly that this causes missed connections and makes "page 2" a terribly lonely place to be queued.

The meta server already sorts the server list such that games which are in progress are listed last. I think it would greatly improve the user experience if the meta server also sorted the server list so that games with at least one player which are not already in progress are listed first.

Thanks! :D

~ Mad Morgan

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