Fix for Humble Bundle-bought Uplink, Macbook, Mountain Lion

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Fix for Humble Bundle-bought Uplink, Macbook, Mountain Lion

Postby john-whitlock » Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:22 pm

I was able to get Uplink working on my new MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. First, the problems...

I redeemed my HB code in Steam and installed the game. It ran and went to full screen mode, but things were wrong right away. Instead of the dialer, I just got a blue box that appeared for a second. No other graphics - no representation of my computer or the uplink server. When I connected, I got the welcome text, but it was printed as if it was in a box that was too small for it, and there were no visible scroll bars. I was able to press 'Enter', and then I got two lines of text, something like 'About Us' and 'Register'. The distinctive bullets weren't there, or the header, or anything. When I hovered my mouse a few pixels below the 'About Us' text, some help text appeared at the bottom of the screen. I could use Enter to proceed, and maybe Tab, but with the black-button-on-black-background motif, I wasn't really able to play the game.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling w/ Steam, deleting the Uplink folder, etc. etc. Now Uplink crashes whenever Steam launches it. Oh well, I hope Introversion reads their crash reports.

So, I downloaded the Mac Native version, allow unsigned applications to run, and got a very similar experience (full screen, useless black-on-black theme).

Now, the solution:

  1. Download, install the native version (I went to Humble Bundle to get it), run it once, Cmd-Q to quit
  2. Open up the Terminal
  3. Change to the Uplink directory (for me, cd /Applications/
  4. Run with parameter:

    Code: Select all

    ./Uplink -graphics_fullscreen +graphics_screenwidth 1024 +graphics_screenheight 640

This will run Uplink in windowed mode, with all the chrome, small enough that you can actually get to the Options button. You can then play with the settings to make the largest windowed screen your display can handle. These options will then be saved and become the default when you launch it the next time.

Happy Hacking!
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Postby Correa » Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:10 pm

Thank you. This fixed my trackpad problem on Mac. After starting the application from

Code: Select all

/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Uplink/

With your command line, then the mouse was working in windowed mode. Changed settings to a proper resolution and to fullscreen and it still works.

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