Have videogames lost the plot? - Eurogamer Article

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Have videogames lost the plot? - Eurogamer Article

Postby Treefrog » Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:34 pm

An interesting article in all, with a few tid bits about Subversion.

Delay's latest project, Subversion, is a Mission: Impossible-style game in which the player pulls off heists. The game is set in a rich, procedurally generated gameworld that simulates entire cities, including the interior and exterior of buildings, and the security systems that protect them.

"The typical way to make a heist game would be to design some levels and in those levels to script specific things, like this button switches off the security and this guard walks this path and so on," he says.

"But then you get a predictable result and you get predictable gameplay. Rather than coding specific events and set pieces, I've been programming the world to be as general as I can – so that security systems genuinely work.

"If you have a camera in a room it doesn't just automatically trigger the alarm – it has to be wired into a monitor somewhere, and there has to be a guard watching the monitor and when the guard sees you on the monitor, he has to press the alarm button. And any one of those is a fully simulated system that you can tinker with to your own advantage."

It is this rich simulation of gameworlds which will afford players the option of a wholly dynamic approach to heists. They can approach missions as they choose, and because the world is so deep, numerous options for emergent narrative will exist.

"My initial design idea was to have a gameworld in which there were procedural missions wherever you looked. In any building, anywhere in the city there would be things that you could steal or break into, but that wouldn't be the core game," Delay says.

"My plan is to have this rich gameworld in which the game of Subversion will be set, and the core game will make much more use of hand-crafted levels."

http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011- ... ot-article

Seems like they'll be a core game play experience with levels made by introversion, and then the world its self will be open to what ever you want. Sort of how Uplink works, with all the possible hacks and then the main quest line.
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Postby quickdan » Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:23 pm

Storytelling is definitely something that has to be changed to elevate videogames to an art form and not just a medium. Of course there are artistic aspects to video games, but they are a dynamic medium as opposed to say art or film. Dynamic storytelling will have to be rediscovered and refined, where the reader/viewer/player has to make the choices that define the story. Even simple games can have complicated stories when given choices. It will take time but developers who focus on storytelling are starting to get better at making stories that are dynamic and interesting at the same time.
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