First month over and we are still here

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First month over and we are still here

Postby Chris » Wed Oct 31, 2001 1:17 am

We weren't sure we'd make it, but we've now been running for exactly one month and we haven't died out yet. Our thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in Uplink, especially those who were with us from the beginning. In the space of the past month we've had huge numbers of page hits, we've been mentioned on some major sites including,,, and (perhaps unfortunately), we've had our own IRC channel created, we've had over 700 people join the discussion Forum and the demo has been downloaded so many times it shut down our web site on more than one occasion. All in all, a pretty hectic month.

We are also aware that quite a few people have been waiting for their copies of Uplink longer than they should, and of course we apologise for this. It's our aim to get the product to everyone within five days of ordering, and a lot of people have had to wait longer. When we started we had no idea Uplink would be this popular. We believe we have sorted this issue now - we have a huge order of CDs which have just been printed, and they are due to start shipping tomorrow. All those people who have been waiting should get their CDs within the next few days, and all future orders should be free of these extended delays. Please be patient with us ;)

As for the future of Uplink, we have created a new Forum for people to discuss this issue. We'd like to hear about your ideas for patches and addons (made by us or made by you), and your ideas about which way we should take the Uplink project. Ultimately of course we are thinking about Uplink 2 - lots of ideas are floating around and we haven't decided anything yet. One thing at a time.

What we need now is publicity. The key to this is convincing the major games sites to post stories about us. Most of the big ones screen the submissions so they won't post about any old game. But if enough people write into them then eventually they will write about us - hopefully starting a chain reaction which spreads through all the major sites and allows Uplink to take over the world. Then we can release the activation code into the wild, which will take the previously dormant world.dat file and convert it into the living/breathing digital entity that it is, eventually consuming the entire Internet in the name of Revelation.

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