Free MMPOG Haacker game too waste your time with.

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Free MMPOG Haacker game too waste your time with.

Postby MidnightT0ker » Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:56 am

its fun so far 8)

Click Here


WNP report number 6835AG/849, on case 774/KD - Operation “Global Defense from New Crimes”

Compiler: Agent Smith, ID 78362 HHD.

After several days of unsuccessful attempts we where finally able to sneak into the hard disk we confiscated in the house of the suspect, the hacker known as BlackStar. It was a difficult task, as he layered multiple protections on the data written on the disk, and this caused several critical failures on our machines. When we finally got in we found a log in which the suspect registered all of his activities. The document has been passed to the colleagues at Analysis Dept. They will analyze it carefully to find any clues that may lead us to the leader this gang. I will report here some of the log entries, translated into an understandable language, to exemplify the activities of this kind of criminal.

Evidence n.774/KD/E976

--- Evidence citation starts here ---

09/09 06.37.21 GMT

Preparations are nearly completed. Soon the plan for plan New Chaos will be ready. Today I nuked out of the net a couple of Lizards… Hah, that gang is made of losers. Soon we’ll be the only ones, ruling over the entire web.

21/09 05.10.50 GMT

Today was a bad day. All my attempts of getting into other people’s money accounts failed. I met a couple of worthy hackers out there. Even though our offensive software were almost equally strong, their kernel seemed to operate at a faster rate, so I was badly kicked. As would happen in the real world I must increase my dexterity, and this can be obtained only by “training”. I will start a benchmark session and recode all of the software to increase its speed. This will help for sure.

29/10 07.58.38 GMT

Money is starting to grow, finally. I conducted a heavy spam campaign from all of my servers. I gained plenty of hosts and clients, which I resold on the black market for about 100.000 bucks. Finally I have enough money to buy that anti-intrusion upgrade. This way I will be safer when traveling through cyberspace, and will be able to govern my affairs undisturbed.

17/11 06.27.03 GMT

I had some problems in my real life. The boss gave a scolding for my productivity has lowered. I will have to spend more concentration on the legal side of my life. Additionally if I can get a promotion I will be Chief of the department, and will be able to get my hands on some prototype hardware that will help a lot in the hacking nights.

20/12 08.56.42 GMT

Finally we are ready to go… All gang members have been informed. The final attack will begin in a few days. We’ll crush any opposition, and will set once and for all our domain above the Internet. We will be reigning uncontested.

--- Evidence citation ends here ---

From this few lines appears clearly that something big is about to happen. I only hope that we will be fast enough to stop all of this.

December the 31st , 23.50

Agent Smith ID 78362

Hacker Hunting Dept

World Net Police


The following message has been attached by WNP Manager Program. Please read it to find what has gone wrong and determine the possible solutions


Error 125486:

The Report Daemon was unable to send and archive the report in the WNP Database. The report will be stored locally until a new attempt is made. If the problem persists please contact your System Administrator. Please send him a copy of the following message, as it might help in determining the source of the problem:

On Jan 1 00.00.25 GMT Server replied:

---- Server error - Unable to comply the sent command.

---- The user lacks permissions to operate.

---- To obtain permission and operate please contact the Server Root Admin.



---- 7|-|3 (Y83|2 W4|2 |-|45 574|273|)

---- BLACK574|2
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Postby Babylon5 » Sun Apr 02, 2006 10:34 am


Otherwise, looks okayish.

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Postby martin » Sun Apr 02, 2006 2:37 pm

If you're into that kinda thing also try out:
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Postby AntiPatik » Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:27 pm

yeah, there are lots of browser-based MMORPGs. If you like them, try the legend, GOOGLE, it hides many secrets.

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