More information about the Essence Mine

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More information about the Essence Mine

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For many years, Darkmeyer was home to a mysterious power. The presence of this power caused the mineral deposits in the area to change, creating daeyalt and pure essence deposits. Within Darkmeyer’s mine, players can mine raw daeyalt if they have at least 75 Mining. Only one deposit will be active at a time though so pay close attention. The active deposit can be mined to obtain stackable and untradeable daeyalt shards that can be converted to into untradeable daeyalt essence (that does not stack) with an NPC located in the mine. Daeyalt essence can be used anywhere that pure essence can, including ZMI (provided the player has at least 50 Runecraft). Using daeyalt essence will give 50% more Runecraft XP than pure essence. Note: Training Runecraft through this method including the mining time will not be substantially better than training it traditionally.

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