Won't Start

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Won't Start

Postby OldDullard » Mon Dec 14, 2020 2:49 am

I recently bought a new laptop and have been trying to play my old Introversion games. I must be doing something wrong. I got a new copy of Uplink- can't load any profile. So that sucks. So I bought Scanner Sombre- won't open WTF?

The new Defcon I have.... put in the KEY that I got from Introversion. It worked. Now when I go back to the game it asks for the key AGAIN? Why? What's going on here?

If I hold the CONTROL key down it opens a configuration window. When I click PLAY! it closes and its done.

Am I just incredibly unlucky? I don't know everything about computers. I thought I was at least semi-literate. But if I can't get this game to work on a brand new computer.... cmon.

Please help if possible.

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