[great suggestion, please read] Black trade

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[great suggestion, please read] Black trade

Postby Alemismun » Mon May 09, 2016 6:45 pm

A prisoner that cant be teamed up with, he will buy and sell weapons, items and other.
You cannot directly buy it, you will trade the item that you have in your had for social points, and then you will use the social points to buy other, of course you might sell a knife for 1 point and buy it again for 3.
Also depending of what security level what he will sell, low level will only sell items, like poison and other, normal level will sell weapons and items, high level will sell items, weapons and escape tools, and ultra max will sell all that, but he will be able to sell a magnum! :twisted:
There will be a 1 in 45 probability of beeing a black trader. :?:
The player CANT be one. :!:
The black trader will start with some weapons, but he won't get more once he runs out, that's why some gang members or leaders will steal useless items, just to sell them and get social points to expand their gang.
It would be nice to see an AI gang to grow and at some point attack my gang.
You can try to kill the trader but he might pull out a weapon and kill you. :twisted:
If a guard catches you buying items he will try to arrest you, but the trader will get a higher priority so if you are not high sec or above they will try to arrest the trader first, if the trader is catch, game over you can't buy more from him, and he might want revenge and he might want to fight with you. :twisted:
I always thought it was stupid that you can't buy contraband so, please make it happen, I even created an account just to write in this forum... :cry:
Hell, even a rep that says "your idea is shit, we don't want it", that would be great. :P
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Re: [great suggestion, please read] Black trade

Postby MrGobe » Wed May 25, 2016 1:36 am

Seems like a cool idea for me! +1

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