Suggestion - Chances instead of fixed Contraband-sources

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Suggestion - Chances instead of fixed Contraband-sources

Postby Audiopulse » Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:36 pm

Hi there,

some time ago I discovered the lighters, when I tried the escape-mode. I dearly love the Idea of escapemode and I dont expect anything from it, as the focus of the game is just somewhere else, but if its supposed to become a serious part of the game I would suggest 3 things.

1. Contraband-sources being Chance-based.
Its just too easy to go and fetch lighter after lighter to burn down the prison over and over again. I just need to remember the name of the room and I can get my wanted tools over and over again. It would be much more interesting if you had to search for them. ("Lets see if someone left something useful in the guards room")
Maybe even have it so the Item-buttons fade in only when you get really close to them, so you actually have to search the room.

2. Actions costing time.
Lighters again: Getting a room to burn like Hell itself is really quick and easy. One click a the bed and your good. Starting a proper fire should take more time, though, so guards actually have a chance of detecting you. Furthermore - even if it was fun to completely anihilate half a prisonblock with one flick of a lighter - walls shouldnt give in to flames that easily.

3. "Hidden combinations"
Im not really experienced with Escape mode, yet, but from what I saw there are those much "precarved" routes to go: Burn the place down, Beat guards to a pulp for weapons and Keys, or dig a tunnel to the sewers. It would be nice to - over time - amass more creative solutions to the game to make escapes possible: One time when I was burning a prison block again, I so wished I couldve deposited some kind of explosive between the 1-block-space between the building and the perimeterwall, so that the burning building would eventually trigger the explosion and allow me to escape. Another Idea I wanted to work out was manipulating hardware (Waterpump & Electring station) to either kill guards or start fires/blow up walls under certain conditions. A third, quick idea would be a way to sneak yourself into crates/garbage-bags.
I realise, though, most of this would require more intelligent guards to keep some level of challenge.

Feel free to add ideas to #3 ... I bet you guys can come up with quite some hilarious ideas.

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