Prison Gates are too easy?

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Prison Gates are too easy?

Postby _allo_ » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:02 pm

I tried escape mode with my current prison, which has a gate to the street. I can just wait on the gate and when it opens i run across the street and i am finished before the guards can catch me.

Either this is too easy in escape mode, or such gates are in principle no good idea in normal mode, when planning a prison.
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Re: Prison Gates are too easy?

Postby Ch1el » Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:37 am

Just make sure there is a staff only zone in the erea before the gate to the outside world. That way you wont have the chance just waiting for a guard to open it since they will try to catch you. The larger (and better guarded) the staff only zone before the exit, the harder it gets to sneak out.
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Re: Prison Gates are too easy?

Postby Darkrious1 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:13 am

ditto, also armed guards and guard dog patrols can't hurt at and around the entrance(s) and road gates which will make it much more difficult to escape. Believe me I know. Tried to escape a prison which has gangs and trying sneak out but with multiple doors at the entrance and tons of guard dogs and armed guards (armoury is nearby as well as the kennels) which makes things harder as well as they can respond faster. Armoury is still separated by another off limits room so storming it isn't a great option except with a large group. Armed guards have better aim with the tazers then normal guards and if that fails, the guns come out and they might just shoot your running behind. Guard dogs run faster then guards and deal decent damage if they get a solid lick which might be enough to knock you unconscious ending your escape fun.

Actually did make it out of the road gate as it was opening for a truck to pass, and got just a square away from the edge of the map before a lucky blasted tazer hit me and stunned me despite the (extremely tough) reputation trait. Was shackled immediately right in a guard's arms and searched/taken to solitary. I was trying to avoid being recruited by one of the gang leaders which was following me without ever stopping even to eat or sleep. I didn't have the point to skip punishment and despite sleep being in the regime the gang leader came right to my solitary cell where a guard opened it for him and I was recruited (rats!) That's the farthest I can ever get even with the best of luck. So close, yet so far. Most of the time I'm lucky to even get out of the main prison before I even get to the road gates with so many dogs and tazers floating around. Only a large group might have some luck, but several members are gonna be left behind tazed and cuffed. :P

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