Master list of escape mode prisons

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Master list of escape mode prisons

Postby RJenkos » Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:26 pm

Make this a sticky?
Have you found one that is hard to escape from? Have you made one that's hard to escape from? Honestly mode of them that have "escape" in the title are crap.

I've added a bunch off of a steam search. If any of them are crap let me know. I've tried to add decent looking ones.

Post it here and I'll update the list as I see them added:

One prison I made. Should be pretty tough, but not impossible - ... 535482889l

A popular prison made for escape mode - ... =530985130

Prison made for escape mode has 4 stars at the time of posting - ... =282432430

(looks easy) - ... =532511032

This one may be more difficult (has a long run to get to the street) - ... =531341804

(looks easy) - ... =532062797

(Looks easy) - ... =532275910

This one may be tough, big prison - ... =533692638

Looks well staffed, might be hard - ... =531419242

Big prison, well staffed - ... =534466975

Small prison but decently staffed - ... =532359589

Big prison, moderately staffed - ... =533951243

Has a nice perimeter wall - ... =535543480
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Re: Master list of escape mode prisons

Postby Blasium » Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:34 pm

Try mine: ... =556538869
It's more of a puzzle than a real escape, but if done correctly its difficult :)

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