Major bug with Guards

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Major bug with Guards

Postby Toodles » Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:38 pm

Once you misbehave in any fashion the game assigns guards to chase after you. I'm not exactly sure how they are chosen but this seems to have something to do with proximity of the point of original infraction.

The major bug happens when you misbehave and then proceed run away from that point of your original infraction. If you go far enough any guards you run into will completely ignore you even if it is a staff only area, I'm assuming they are coded to let the guards chasing you deal with you. So the guards assigned earlier after your earlier infraction will still chase you but if you can outrun them and if you have a set of keys you can literally go through hundreds of doors and guards who will completely ignore you, so you can escape very easily.

I can make a prison that deals with prisoners with lighters, prisoners digging and massive riots etc but I can't build a prison for this. All a prisoner needs is not to be in lock up mode, a set of stolen keys to walk out of any prison. Not a lot of people know about this bug, most who run into think they just got lucky and don't understand how exactly it works but its slowly becoming popular. Its starting to ruin the game mode for me. Please fix, thank you.
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Re: Major bug with Guards

Postby Smilesville » Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:55 am

They're based on two things, I've noticed: Sight, and Proximity. Fog of War works in a very strange way, and if (for instance) I run to my cell, pass a guard, and punch my toilet because that's just the bad dude I am, he's going to hightail it to my cell and beat me with the baton. But if I sit there for a few seconds and wait for the fog of war to set back in, I can punch my toilet to my heart's content without repercussions. On the other hand, if a guard is within a certain distance of me (regardless of fog of war,) he's going to rush in and try to beat me senseless. An easier way to deal with this would be a dynamic assignment of guards to your prisoner based on proximity if you run a certain distance; for instance, if the maximum number of guards that can chase you is 2 and you run from a pair but another is in the direction you're running, the furthest guard would return to his duties and the closer guard will begin pursuit.

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