Strategic escape?

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Strategic escape?

Postby Primzahlteiler » Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:06 pm

first off: Love the new path, Prison Architect is going.

second: As I have already feared during the live presentation, this is still so much WIP and I hope, you see it the same way. You have such an amazing framework for prison simulation and by adding this new mode, it can very easily become the best prison escape game EVAR.

Currently it has very little of what I want an escape game to be like. (This Summer a new anime was released: "Prison School" where a few guys have to escape prison and are developing some great strategies, if you believe it or not :lol: )
Now this game comes with a prison escape mode and the hype is perfect, but it lacks all the tension, planning, organizing and outsmarting I expect from a prison escape mode.

it looks like: punch some guys, return to cell, punch some guys, return to cell. Repeat until you are strong enough to punch your way out. (with a very primitive fighting mechanic)
I am more of a planer and strategist, then a bute force - punch your way out - kinda guy.
Here's a list of features that I hope are being considered for the future:
  1. please add unknown territory to the escape mode. It would add that element of discovery, if you had to explore the prison first.
  2. implement the windows right, so that you can see through them.
  3. add AI manager-events or let the designer configure simple AI behaviour (shakedowns, lockdowns, gangups, freefire and reinforcements) for escape mode. Some are already somewhat implemented, as I could see, but maybe let the guards do a shakedown, if e.g. there is a key or gun or taser missing.
  4. bind the AI events to characters in the Prison. Security chief causes Lockups, Warden causes shakedowns, for example. So if you prevent the caracter from reaching his office desk by ..., he can't do these events and it takes maybe three days for a replacement to arrive.
  5. maybe give your skills/attributes more meaning. Spending just some reputation points is boring. Let us use the game elements like phone, weightbench, billard table to improve the skill of our character.
  6. If you dig on a cable line, give the option to cut off the power. SO MANY SCENARIOS
  7. give the option to tell your buddies where to move (even through tunnels) / who or what to attack / what to steal / where to dig / what powerline to cut at what time. EVEN MORE SCENARIOS
    Because of unknown territory, you can't actually see them operate, and just hope, everything is working according to your plan like:
    - it's 5,38pm was he caught or is that metal detector turned off now?
    - those guards should be rushing to the yard any second now.
  8. give the game an extra-slow clock level, so that we can execute our plans better (game simulation runs the same, but schedule is slowed down.
  9. Let the players request to be assigned another cellblock for different reasons (with a different rating).
  10. Let the player have to follow the schedule and let him see his own schedule. (Like you have to spend a certain amount of time at the right place, to make the schedule count)
  11. Let the player attend to different programs like work in the kitchen, earn some money, or just call somebody to pay you a visit (and bring you something nice, or throw it over the fence)
  12. give every contraband it's own feature and purpose.

I think those are enough for a start. :D
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Re: Strategic escape?

Postby Fre4kDahKid » Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:44 pm

Did you already forget the upcoming updates ? They of course didn't mention anything about it, but I don't think they're going to leave escape mode as it is. There sure will be improvements. :)
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Re: Strategic escape?

Postby Primzahlteiler » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:43 pm

Fre4kDahKid wrote:Did you already forget the upcoming updates ? They of course didn't mention anything about it, but I don't think they're going to leave escape mode as it is.

Do you mean from the last Alpha video? Unfortunately, I don't remember the details.

Fre4kDahKid wrote:There sure will be improvements. :)

Naturally :)
and that is why I gave some feedback and suggestions. I'm sure, they appreciate it, if players tell them exactly what they expect, so after they collected all the suggestions, they can either redirect their development or feel strengthend in their own concept.

They want to get a lot of players opinions on their new 'baby'. I think it is HUGE! Much better, than anything I had hoped for, since they mentioned 'something big' for the release. :shock:

The current state is pretty much bare bones still, but experienced gamers (and programmers) can already see a lot of small details that must have been implemented, to make the mode work at the current state. No doubt, they put a lot of work into it already.
However, from this point onward, it is not clear to us, the community, which path IV will take. Brute force riot escapes, or strategic hacking and sneaking escapes (or even story-driven drama). If they have the resources, they probably could optimize for both somehow, but maybe then it might turn into an Expansion/DLC (I'd pay for that 100%, though)

I am sure the suggestions I posted are realistic to implement with the current engine (probably much more then 'multiplayer escape') both on a technical level and from the gameplay experience perspective. They add much depth with relatively little complexity. Some are so basic, I am sure they are already on their todo list.

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