Several errors in the campaign!

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Several errors in the campaign!

Postby F9800 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:07 pm

Hello, I don't know much of English so I use a translator, sorry if it was bad my text.

Is happening several errors in campaign mode of the game Prison Architect, which highlighted the delay in the transition from scene in the cutscenes (Animations) fire fighters being delayed and go pro fire instead of off it and the most intriguing, in chapter 3 the guards of elite is not progressing in prison (are locked in large bars) which prevents the advance of story mode.

Unfortunately I will not be able to put images, but the text that I put in to get an idea of what occurs, another factor that makes these errors more irritating is the fact once (when i had just bought the game) there was no such problems, I went to the last chapter, but it deleted my windows user and now i am suffering with these problems.

I do not want to go beta version, I have the game as before!

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