Conviction mission

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Conviction mission

Postby Trixi » Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:15 pm

what i've missed in the campaign:

in chapter 4 it would have been nice, if the player had to build the fence of the area hisself. So it would be more clear to new players that you have to build a fence around your prison.
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Re: Conviction mission

Postby Thorlin » Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:18 am

I am having problems with this mission. I have built the jail and shower just as the plans on the ground indicate. I put a walkway in and a yard. I formatted the jail as jail cells, and the shower as a shower. I get everything built, yet I still have the red exclamation mark stating I have failed to finalize the building because it is not surrounded by walls and doors. I have a large jail door on the entrance to the building itself. I even built a perimeter wall all around the area that has the glowing border. I even tried surround the building itself with another wall and door to see if that let me continue, with no luck.

There is already a fence around the entire area, I even tried to build it a 2nd time. Can anyone provide some help, or is this a bug? Thanks!

EDIT: Ok, I figured it out. I had the entire area configured as a cell, rather than each of the rooms. It is working now....sorry for the ignorance! :oops:

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