Destroyers, Stealth bombers, AWACS, Midair Refueling

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Destroyers, Stealth bombers, AWACS, Midair Refueling

Postby MachK » Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:17 am

My ideas for "Defcon 2"

1. I would remove anti-submarine warfare from carriers, create a new ship type (destroyer), which travels 1.2x as fast as battleships and carriers, has depth charges (like carriers do now), also has ship-to-ship weapons like the battleship but with a slightly smaller radar range, has only 2 hit points (as opposed to 3 like carriers and battleships), and has no anti-air.

2. I would also make the map truly spherical, so bombers could overfly the North Pole from USA to Russia (and missile arcs would be sensible as opposed to arbitrary and nonsensical at times).

3. Change bomber icons to a more traditional-looking bomber icon (ex: B-52).

4. Add 3 new plane types: Stealth bomber (not detected by ground or ship radar but visible to airborne radars, can only fire nukes); Tanker (can provide midair refueling), and AWACS (provides mobile, airborne radar coverage with radar range larger than a carrier but smaller than ground radar). A 5th "specialty" airbase is placeable by the player that starts with 3 Stealth bombers, 2 AWACS, and 3 Midair refuelers (the airbase does not recharge with fighters or any aircraft).

5. Add smart commands such as "patrol" (fly back and forth between designated points and attack any targets that approach within firing range) and sequenced commands (move here, then move here, then move here, then return to airbase).

6. Make silos' ICBM capability and anti-air capability two separate units. In many cases, I think players would like to position their ICBMs in a safe, hidden spot but would want AA spread out somewhat to enhance coverage and shoot down scouting aircraft. I think this change alone would significantly increase the strategic depth. Just because you know directionally where the AA is shooting at your planes from, you wouldn't necessarily know where the silos are.

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