Reformation modpack USA: ideas and ramblings

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Reformation modpack USA: ideas and ramblings

Postby duppydent » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:33 am

:| Americanizing: tazer is two shot at once. Meaning one corrections officer can incapacitate two potential offenders before moving to hand to hand combat..inner personal communicatikn(ipc) skills allow guards to de-escalate potentially violent encointers based on their rank in the training classes...pods with pod workers of trustees that clean them and serve meals in a dayroom brought in by kitchen trustees to the pods via food carts that hold however many meals the pod requests based on the officer working the pods training...dayroom also serves as shower meal and rec all in one...multi purpose rooms...for say counseling, rec, parol,...also hearing after being caught commiting a crime giving the offender a chance to con his way out of a “hole shot” based on camera present/evedence colected/ nature of crime they are handed down a sentence..also a sliding scale allowing offenders who serve aloted hole time to go down a step in the classification system...keep seperates on the same pod allowing for multi tier offenders to co exist based on an individual case by case scheduling system that can be tailored to each offender...blind spot and retalitaion training for guards to avoid those pesky cameras and get revenge in style...female and male pods in the same jail would introduce a literal shit ton of new dynamics as well as female and male drama offender officers relations resulting in fireing paid timeoff...the supervisor character:officers in proximity to supervisor do better overall stats boosted and gain more organization when quelling riots...supervisors will also catch officers /offenders preforming illegal or illicit acts and based on player specified policy will hand down fireing punishment or take a bride and get in on the action as a way to generate revenue...leutenents: same as sargents only more powerful in a fight...officers move up ranks based on trainjng classes/ojt (on the job training) also can call for backup anywhere in facility if stationed on a cctv or “central control unit” speaking of... the camera monitors have no limit and are literally combined with the door openers which instead of a cervo on each door the door itself is based on a new system of air pressure relaeases(new pipe requirment to open this type of door) and simply needs to be selected installed and attached to the central control main computer all in on asset that looks really sweet when you throw a chair in front of it and it opens door watches cameras and depending on the rank of the operator can call for in the “goon squad” of terrorize offenders via speakers attached to said air door all in ones...if the officer reaches the rank of captain and runs a central contol area they will pacify via the speakers and lower the overall tension of a pod or whole facility depending on what the central cobtrol is attached in place or in addition too depending on player preference will serve as the initial intake hub and be able to charge the offender a booking fee based on player specified amounts...also based on crime/contraband found offender can gain new charges...recidivism 101 councelors and parol agents can now make sure your facility never runs dry on criminals by introducing mandatory minimum sentences and parole based on crime and user specified policy...also combined with a old head and riding retirement aspect that gives bonuses penalties based on time spent working incarcerated...feeds into respect power posesed by all in facility based on time worked/incarcerated...race relations play a huge role now and gang ciolence takes a back seat to black white hispanic male/ female tensions based on population and ratio if gangs are present they may play on race to spark a riot which based on the time offenders have served could cause huge damage to facility making in house covert snitches crutial to maintaining order...medical runs...not just for drug addiction therapy anymore now depending on climate of facilty pods can be diabeties, mrsa, uti, or snitching covertly in medicals “backroom” to not rouse suspicion...other aspects include multi-layer facilities with access points to upper and lower tiers based on a jump legend that allows to a player to view each floor independedntly and be alerted on a small side map that can be clicked to go directly to a disturbance rather than scrollin around to locate that damn workers six thousand blocks aaway cause he is blocked in and for the life of you if you dont get water to laundry...all new cobtraband system alowing you to crackdown and have contraband free zones based on veriables like proximity to outside, availability and new assets that are guaranteed contra free...and no american prison would ve complete without prea of (prison rape elimination act) complaints based on false acuasations or real claims...these would ve handled like hole hearings with a more rpg aspect giving the player a chance to feel for both the falsly accused and the victoms of very real prison rape...another angle for those covert snitches...policy could also now make or break you facility based on weither you allow employees to used on site cellphones or smoke every choice playing a rooe in the bigger picture of the facility you build lime tipples of water in a pond...something as simple as alowing smoking on site could spiral into corruption bribes and an all out riot from nicotine withdrawls...also medical would play a bigger role that mearly healing officer and offender after fights...narcan would need to be administered if heroin or phentinol made its way inseide your walls ...or you could order them to standdown and face the backlash...this brings me to a regional booking booking only the offenders are handed down sentences based on crime and asspects like the type of judge on screen with player could specify..linient or conservative would ditermine how long the offender was inside your walls ...also offenders would be printed and photoed for catologing revealing traits and gang tats affiliations allowing you to better classify them for placement in the right pods...the chmo offender: more hated than the snitch is the child molester..these offenders would need to be identified and moved to their own pod for safty...or could be thrown to the wolves for moral enjoyment and to the moral boost of the offenders ripping them to shreads....oh! Goon squad training would feature upgrades like riot shelds batons and lethal force depending on amount of officer classroom time..officer schedules would be managable much like inmates on a group...whole pod...or individual bases to best customize the needs of your facility...also the warden and deputy warden would have upgradable press tools to deal with backlash from the interloper character:dilibratly infiltrates your prison to report back to the news and cost you bad publicity which will effect grants, officer hireing quality and overall moral...also the “drug mule” character will usher in a new type of booking hallway called a full body scanner which will make know contraband both inside and out...if found they must go see the doctor to have said drugs contra extracted and based on quality credited to you or turned over to arresting officers which bring me to the “rollup” where actual officers can pull in and escort offenders to your booking area where they much be seen by medical and “cleared” prior to being can change what you deem acceptable in every way from desease to injury or risk factor...also introducing NHS a counselor character that can also change the tide based on what you specify in policy from causing offenders with mental illness to go after officers or inmates you specify to doing a number of other unseamly acts based on player specifications...they are vulture counselors who will push things through the less moral and unflexable counselors and shrinks wont touch giving you an edge in the war on the mind...also nothing more americanized that a psych ward...noticed they have the makings on the xbox version ...due to most mental ward in the us closing the task of dealing with societys worst off falt on prisons...paded pods or individual cells based on the needs of the population...specific med runs and consequences if they dont take or “cheek” the medications ....well you get the idea I hope this will serve as inspiration for future mods and updates alike as this game has been very therapeutic to me in it’s own right...i am cerently working on sprites to go with these mad racings however my coding in lua is limited to some door scripts I did up in the computer mod for minecraft...i will try and learn as much as I can in the coming months as I really want to bring this amazing game to a US prison near you as I feel it is truly a one of a kind experince one problem is time...however it would seem that making atound 25 smaller mods that come together as the sum of their parts would be the best way to implement these crazy ideas and would also give the good folks using them the avility to pick and choose what it was they wanted.

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