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[Mod] Better Mining and Production

Postby mag4nat » Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:42 pm

Hi *,

I'm currently working on a mod that adds several production chains to PA.
As of now there are mines (Scripted) and furnaces (regular processors).

Research Mining & Melting --> Build Mining & Melting Area(s) --> Create reform program --> assign labour --> give me feedback.
Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... 1497277132

The user first has to research Mining and Melting underneath Prison Labour and then can continue to build the Mining and Melting Area(s).
In order to have prisoners working there they have to undergo different reform programs (Mining Instruction & Melting Instruction).
The difficulty of the melting program is about twice as high as the mining program. The melting reform program is a little more difficult as the foundation education program.

The storage of mined ores to the melting room is similar to the workshop. Workers fill the furnaces and then the tables.

Overview of production:

  • Makes 1x IndustrialDiamond from 5x MinedCoal
    Chance of 0.2 to fail and instead produce garbage
  • Makes 1x SilverBlock from 5x MinedSilver
    Chance of 0.3 to fail and instead produce garbage
  • Makes 1x GoldBlock from 5x MinedGold
    Chance of 0.4 to fail and instead produce garbage

Chance of 0.1 means that 1 in 10 attempts will fail
Chance of 0.5 means that 5 in 10 will fail (or every second)

Produced Metals / Diamonds will be transported to the exports room (if there is one).
If there is no exports area you have to sell manually.

If the furnaces slot that holds finished items contains e.g. IndustryDiamonds and workers load the raw material slot with MinedGold no production will take place until the IndustryDiamonds are either sold manually or transported to the exports room.

I would like to ask you for feedback any any/all ideas that cross your mind that could make the mod better and or more interesting.

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