[Mod] Military Architect - Reloaded Mod [Fixed Textures]

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[Mod] Military Architect - Reloaded Mod [Fixed Textures]

Postby Heyner » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:27 am

Hello architects,

Nowadays they will work in the administration of work in the military positions for the armed force, The crimes are putting in risk our world and our country

If we continue in bad times we can die, control this situation from scratch to test the prisoners under arrest to military prisons, the Chief MP is in service and anything that is being suspected, attack the military guards, keep in mind that Units of the MP is too violent, and it is also a team of military reinforcements that can help you in a simple way


In this mod you can control a military team where you will build your first military prison to obtain the strength and defend the country in a simple way in the United States, Our Country

Ok Architects, This mod has been arranged according to your textures pack, You see that in the Steam Workshop, a Mod called Military Architect appears, but you are going to verify that the Mod in the workshop will be damaged often its corresponding textures form

In this version in Introversion Software today I will assemble the complete Mod with the textures arranged at 99%, Do not worry because all the models will be fixed

That is, the Steam Workshop appears in the Mod but when we put it appears as some textures failures in the mod and many glitches so check that in this version in Introversion Software appears in Modding this and it will mean that it is customized to 99 %

It does not bring the Link of the Workshop because the Mod is damaged, According to its textures failure, We are sorry but only the direct link is for the non steam version of the game

Direct Link:

Going up to MEGA, Wait for this Ready ......

======================== Data of the Mod

Mod Version: v1.2b

Release Date (Today): 6/7/18

========================Suggestions or Questions
Any suggestions or questions from here, please upload a question or suggestion comment to respond immediately

When I'm not answering time, I'm busy, Enjoy the information that I'm going back to the "Modding" option in Introversion. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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