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[MOD] Natural Textures 2: Architect HD

Postby zonbai » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:14 am

A lot of tedeous, painstaking work went into bringing you this texture overhaul.
Most objects and doors have been reworked! Features include...

-Massive Texture Overhaul
-Added striped walls for Minimum Sec, Normal sec, Protective Custody etc...
-Added a white striped wall that can be used for anything such as staff areas.
-Added a white brick wall which is common in today's facilities.
-Changed the drink machine to a snack machine which inmates and staff will use for food between meals.
-Added carpet - Red, blue, green yellow etc.
-Black CCTV cameras with a red dot. The dot is the direction the camera is facing, like a laser pointer.
-Too much more to name!

Your offices and reception room will flash "REQUIRES OFFICE CHAIR." You need to remove the regular chairs and replace them with "OFFICE CHAIRS." this mod adds an office chair.

STEAM WORKSHOP (With Screenshots):

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