[QUESTION] Grants with optional requirements

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[QUESTION] Grants with optional requirements

Postby paulionassus » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:14 pm

Hi all

I am quite new to playing and modding Prison Architect and I am trying to write a simple mod that will allow the Visitation Grant to be completed if the user places 3 Visitation Tables OR 3 Visitation Booths as I want to only use the booths but it is a pain to have to buy 3 tables just to complete the grant (I know I can reuse them for Parole offices but that is besides the point. Would some like below work or do I need to use some kind of If statement:

Code: Select all

    Objective.CreateGrant           ( "Grant_Visitation_Tables", 0 ,0 )
    Objective.SetParent             ( "Grant_Visitation" )
    Objective.RequireObjects        ( "VisitorTable", 3 )
    Objective.RequireObjects        ( "VisitorTableSecure", 3 )

I can't help but think this would be too easy but would appreciate any feed back on this. Thanks

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