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Urination [outside of toilet block {is < 10 squares distant}] = incident | punishment :: Mod request | suggestion

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 4:25 pm
by grubbyseismic

I am thinking that the act of urination not on / in a toilet; i.e. on the floor of a Canteen without direct access to toilets - maybe they're on the other side of a one-square-wide concrete wall; should trigger an incident from the policy list.

I agree that it's a really good fuNkin trigger for the player to build some toilets (if there aren't any close by) because even Min-Sec Prisoners will do this, and currently if I don't punish them the Guards won't either! :(

I am betting that this is *really* easy to Mod' into the game, but I can't find any evidence of something been made already that does *just* this. (I've searched Steam Discussions and this forum and GOG Community, and got nuthin').

Feel free to reply to this with search other suggestions, or examples of bigger Mod's that will allow this kind of functionality, or feel free to make this your first Mod!

(I will be very happy to provide reviews, etc. in my spare time: I don't know Lua and don't have time to learn it for maybe three months...)