Detecting water on floor? And other sensors

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Detecting water on floor? And other sensors

Postby mrstoned » Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:27 am


I wonder if there is a way to detect water on the floor in a room or area?
This is to prevent stuff from catching fire in the event of flooding. Trigger: flood-sensor==1 <connected to power switch outside room> turn powerswitch to off.

And i also wonder if there is possible to make other types of sensors.
Something like motion-sensors for flood-lights or perimiter survaillence. If triggered a control station could call a guard to investigate.

Ground-sensors for detecting tunneling in an area around the sensor. Also trigger a control-station for a guard to investigate.

I dont know anything about coding, soo i thought i'd put the question out there.

Perhaps a pack with different sensors?


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