Question regarding limitations of modding.

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Question regarding limitations of modding.

Postby PedroMoniz » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:00 pm


I am doing an academic work on character relationships and I am trying to find a game I can mod and this can be a good one but I want to know somethings before i start.

What information do we have access from the prisionners and can we change it during run time.
Can we identify where prisioners are on the map, like which room or block.
Is it possible to create atributes and to change character atributes at will.

My objective will be to have a certain grid of relationships and then have them change according to my own rules.
An example would be to be for certain prisioners that are in the same block to be friendly towards each other the more they share that block.

Imagine that we can click a prisioner and see a list of his relationships where you have x relationships depending in who the prisioner has contact with, I know there are some UI mods but is it flexible enougth?

Also can force an attack on a certain prisioner?. Or just force certain actions in general like not entering a certain block. What are my limitations.

A last thing is if it is possible to have an outside app reading information on the prisioners and then just influence the game, which means I can just avoid creating traits directly in the game and just modify it. Because my objective is purely academic if certain parts of moding are limited I can avoid them as long as I can read only and then influence the characters to become more agressive or more passive in other parts of the code.

Thank you for your time, and please give me some tips.

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