[Trick and API Request] Get objects in world.lua

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[Trick and API Request] Get objects in world.lua

Postby grandsong » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:44 am

Priority: Low

world.lua is a good thing. I am using its WorkQueue to construct and build.

Sadly, it lacks a much-needed API for us to get objects by their type no matter where they are.

A workaround is as follows:

1. Spawn an anchor object to do nothing
2. Use .GetNearbyObjects of the anchor and pass a range parameter large enough (say 9999) to cover the whole map
3. After initialization, find and delete the old anchor when a save is loaded.
(Use .GetNearbyObjects('Anchor', 9999), returns two, keep this new one and delete the other.)

However, this anchor object will be annoying. Even .Hidden = true, it still can be hovered and has shadow when outdoors.

An improvement is:

2.5. Find the warden, make it play the role of anchor
3. Delete the initial anchor if a warden if found.

I will be glad if an API like World.GetObject() is added to save me from above ugly codes. But this workaround is quite fine, so the Priority is Low.

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