[Mod Suggestion] My ideas for mods!

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[Mod Suggestion] My ideas for mods!

Postby whiterboxy » Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:26 am

What if there was mod or (even if the game developers add this),where in the Escape Attempt option you could become a Legendary Prisoner/Snitch/Death Row Prisoner wouldn't it be soo awesome ?? Maybe even become SuperMax if you give the prison guards that much trouble... What if you could join gangs and they have tasks for you and with that you would get tattoos and gang respect and they would give you money and with that money you could buy weapons from prisoners, OOH i almost forgot and maybe even Gang Wars where the prison is ruled by gangs and you could join a gang but you would become an enemy from the other gang. And try to get jobs inside the prison.

These are just some idead i've wrought. If someone makes a mod like that or part of the original game :D

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