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Cooling Mod

Postby silveradoman298 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:37 pm

So PA has a heating system implemented that keeps your prisoners warm when it's cold. However, there is no air condition to keep your prisoners comfortable and from overheating when its hot. An example of this would be during a heatwave or workers in the kitchen. I think this could be a great mod. You could have a utility that requires electricity and ductwork that has to be run throughout the prison. The system could be manually activated using a switch or activated with a thermostat. Perhaps this is something the modding community could develop. I don't think im the only one that would find such a mod useful.
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Re: Cooling Mod

Postby yuk » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:05 am

Why not a thermostat works on all the heaters and keeps the room a certain temperature.
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Re: Cooling Mod

Postby murgh » Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:14 pm

Forget it. Heating up everything works fine (sauna mod) but cooling down doesn't. Temperature system really needs some tweaks before that can happen...
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Re: Cooling Mod

Postby sirrliv » Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:43 am

I would love to see something like this as well. I'm inclined to blame the fact that the devs are British. Not to be racist/nationalist/whatever, I just mean that the British in particular and Europeans in general don't seem to have the deep seated grasp of the need for cooling/air conditioning that, say, Americans do. Most of the time it just doesn't get hot enough over there to warrant such a frivolity. On the other hand, as a native Texan myself, I understand full well how having good AC during the summer can literally be a matter of survival, or at least a matter of not being sticky, smelly, and perpetually annoyed for over half the year.

On top of that, missing such a system also misses out a golden opportunity for a new and unique means for prisoners to escape through the ductwork. Ideally, it would be a way of getting to the building's roof, but since PA doesn't have multiple floors it could still be a means for prisoners to escape their cell blocks by crawling through the ducts and busting through the AC units, damaging/disabling them in the process. Vents could also provide a new hiding place for contraband. And yes, both of these ideas are inspired by The Escapist; there's a reason it works so well there, and why it could also work here.

Best of all would be if one could maybe have multiple tiers of AC. Maybe a full central system is too expensive for your starter prison, or maybe you just want cooling in certain rooms (kitchen, generator). Offer window units that can be mounted to walls that are fairly weak, but enough to cool a single room efficiently and are pretty cheap and don't use as much power on their own. As the prison grows though, central air starts to look more cost effective. So you can place Central Air Units outside in cooler areas and have your workers run ducting utilities throughout the building you want to cool. Got too much area for one unit to handle? Add more units or upgrade to bigger units that draw more power, but pump more cool air.

And yes, having the temperature be controlled either manually or by thermostats linked to both Central Air Units (but not to window units, which would be too small & primitive) and Radiators for automatic control is brilliant, especially if the player can set the temperature and thus could use it as a means of punishing/tormenting prisoners. Or just saving a bit on the power bill.

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