assassins creed mod?

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max prisoner
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assassins creed mod?

Postby max prisoner » Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:38 pm

is a assassins creed mod posible. please let me know. i am asking because i would love to have that type of game made into a mod for prison arcitect. the mod would have the following feachers.

1. guards now have one shot muskets insted of batons.

2. prisoners now all look like templars.

3. muskets do 25% damage to hp.

4. guards now look like the blue soldiers from the assassins creed 3 game.

tell me what u guys think. i really would like to do it, but im stuck with collage classes. i hope someone could make this.
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Re: assassins creed mod?

Postby Observer » Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:15 am

To answer your question, yes - in a hypothetical situation anything is "possible". Let's break it down a bit.

"guards now have one shot muskets instead of batons"
(Standard Guards now have ranged weapons instead of melee - a simple edit once one knows where to look, but but then we're talking about creating art assets for the guard and the musket, and creating a new entry for the "musket" weapon and writing the weapon variables to the intended effect, all the while going back and forth between the editor and the game to make sure the added item works and doesn't have any unintended side-effects; not to mention potential conflicts with other mods (do you even care about this? You'd better.)

"prisoners now all look like templars"
(Creating new art models for the various prisoner body types and motions - stationary front/back, stationary left/right, fighting up/down/left/right, cuffed etc., unconscious, dead. Making the art consistent is a plus, and will keep you from being yelled at on online forums (less)).

"muskets do 25% damage to hp"
(The simplest way would make a copy-paste of the existing stats from another ranged weapon and adjust from there, if all NPC's have the same base amount of hitpoints (they don't); just remember to also change the weapon type it points to or it won't work.)

"guards now look like the blue soldiers from the assassins creed 3 game"
(See above with prisoners).

So, to answer your question: is it possible? Yes!

Is it probable? I 'unno.
max prisoner
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Re: assassins creed mod?

Postby max prisoner » Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:02 am

thanks for repleying to my mod idea.
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Re: assassins creed mod?

Postby Brento666 » Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:37 pm

Getting the prisoners to wear a slightly different uniform can probably be done, in fact most of the things you'd like can be done...
But as Observer points out; it will probably come with a cost of intra-mod compatibility...
-> Which isn't a disaster if you do an almost 'complete overhaul' I think.

Check out this awesome Terminator themed mod "Skynet beta 0.2";
-> It overhauls allot (and was made over a year ago ad still seems to work).

-I'm definitely overloaded on own projects atm so I could only offer to jump in on problems whilst making this/other stuff...
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Re: assassins creed mod?

Postby Gamerling » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:28 am

This is possible, infact easy if you know the right ways to do it.

You can change the Prisoners to Templars and the Guards to Assassins, in a mod, new items can be added, I can add thw Hidden Blade, and more. More extreme modding, I can make 2 types of Hidden Blades, 1 without Lead at the hand and ine with, so the one with the lead cannot be detected by Metal Detectors.

This is a easy mod to make and Im pretty sure its out there already, questions? Ask me, im right here.

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