Room Requirements Issue

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Room Requirements Issue

Postby Turtle_Sandwich » Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:10 pm

I was working on my mod and tried to add custom objects to the cells.
However once I got in game it told me that the room required "None" and "None"

Heres the current script

Code: Select all

BEGIN Room       
    Name                 Cell 
    Capturable           true
    BEGIN Requirement Type MinimumSize  x 2  y 3  END
    BEGIN Requirement Type Enclosed END
    BEGIN Requirement Type Indoor  END
    BEGIN Requirement Type Object  Id Bed  END
    BEGIN Requirement Type Object  Id Toilet  END
   BEGIN Requirement Type Object  Id MetalShelf      END
   BEGIN Requirement Type Object  Id MetalSink       END
    BEGIN LikelyObject   Id      JailDoor      END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      Bookshelf       END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      Tv              END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      Window          END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      Radio           END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      OfficeDesk      END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      Chair           END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      ShowerHead      END
    BEGIN LikelyObject  Id      Drain           END

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