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Postby VDNKh » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:51 am

Got back into this game after years. Wanted to add some NATO symbols to the game. All the cool mods do that now right?

This is a WIP, if anyone reads this post, I would like feed back on this and some help if your're knowledgeable on the topic of APP-6 and NTDS symbols.


Notes and thoughts:
I'm not sure what to do with the unit counters. I have them as just letters, F for fighter, B for bomber, and N for nuke. It sorta works but looks janky. I can't change how they are aligned with the icon. I'd have to align it by offsetting the graphic itself, but then it would be off center. Might work for installations but not ships and bombers.

I have the "Surface-to-surface tactical missile launcher", in APP-6, as the nuke icon. Not technically correct.

Fighters and bombers don't use the NTDS symbols, they use the APP-6 ones instead, because they point in different directions.

The silo and airbase icons I think are correct, but I'm not sure.

Depth charge is actually a sea mine icon.

I think I have a good way of show surfaced subs. But I'd like other thoughts

Blurred versions of the textures

Symbols are flipped for Africa, Russia, and China. Hard-coded as far as I can tell.
Counters for Silos and Airbases are not aligned. Hard-coded again, can't change the small icon's alignment without an .exe change.

Sources: Symbols used c. 1986. More modern symbols

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