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I made some Mods, Here you go

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:39 pm
by JuneBoat
I made some Mods, Here you go

visit my Blogger page and you can download them from the current blog post I have for Defcon Mods. I will expand the blog with more mods. I already have a bunch more.

I would link them all here to that site with preview images and descriptions but it is a bit more work than I have time for right now. So here is a link to my Blogger and the specific Defcon blog post page I made. More to come.

I assume you know to make a folder called, mods, then the mod name, then data, and graphics. The post explains it. I learned you can just use 1 folder (like with the 4 Defcon Mods on the Introversion Defcon game page) but haven't posted how to make own single graphics mod folder for many mods yet.

Here is a mod pic for the silo. I like this mod it is not black inside it is empty so when it is targeted it flashes red.

Image fighter mod

Image fighter mod or bomber mod.
I just use the _blur image on my blogger for all fighters and bombers folders.

Re: I made some Mods, Here you go

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:58 pm
by Laika
Wow, thanks.