Modern Realistic Global Thermonuclear War

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Modern Realistic Global Thermonuclear War

Postby Tenebrous » Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:04 am


The United States of America
The Federation of Russia
The People's Republic of China
The European Alliance of the United Kingdom and France
The Islamic Caliphate of Pakistan and Iran
The Indian Republic

Would be cool, but odd-men out and quite too small as well
The State of Israel
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

I think it would be awesome if we had modernday population figures for each of these countries, including their cities. Not only that, but their realtime nuclear arsenals, airforces and fleets as well (well proportional at least when it comes to units).

I'd be very interested in playing a realistic scenario. Doesn't matter what the plot is like. The strategy would probably involve all nations trying to take out the USA (with Russia launching a majority of the nukes) while taking super-tactical potshots at the coastline with subs. After the US is reduced in power, everyone goes at each other. Should be fun to see if people can work with imbalanced sides.
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Postby stfatherabraham » Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:25 am

Oh oh oh! Don't forget about Iraq!

Or course, come DEFCON 1, its player will discover that he doesn't actually have nukes...
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Postby antidotos » Thu Oct 05, 2006 1:34 pm

this is interesting but probably not in the "defcon spirit".
µYou have written "realist" which means unbalanced......
All the data stuff is rather easy to find (I probably have most at hand.... but you can guess why the USA is called an hyperpower).
The problems are balancing the game somewhat and solving other realism problems (ICBM trajectories is the major one).
However I would like to try something just for fun (What a twisted mind....).
I agree with INDIA, RUSSIA (include Belaru), CHINA and USA.
I think Europe may be our actual EU (France for instance has extended its "nuclear umbrella" to Germany) even if I doubt France and the UK would really act together.
Now the sixth power is difficult to find. You cannot really associate Sunni Pakistan and Shia Iran.
Or accepting blatant oversimplification you imagine an axis of nuclear evil merging various foes (past and present or potential) of the USA.
I don t not know if you can have disjointed factions in Defcon, if possible you may include Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia (....) Venezuela and Cuba (maybe also Bolivia and Yemen and a resurgent nuclear South Africa or a panislamic Indonesia).
Could be interesting if we can have complex factions, not sure at all......
Remember the Mahabarhata.
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Postby GG » Thu Oct 05, 2006 1:48 pm

stfatherabraham wrote:Oh oh oh! Don't forget about Iraq!

Or course, come DEFCON 1, its player will discover that he doesn't actually have nukes...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Postby djdemo » Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:30 pm

Not so sure about the Tom Clancy view of the world... the European Alliance against the USA?

However, I do think that looking at modding the actual cold war - which was where all this DEFCON business comes from has some milaeage.

However, it won't make a good 'game' - as the sides were not balanced, and the idea would be to manage a conflict and keep it limited, whereas the objective here is the opposite of actual nuclear war plans - which were orientated to avoiding mutually assured destruction and lrage scale civilian casulaties.

That siad, a hypothecial WWIII game could be very interesting in those who want to 'simulate' the era... perhaps with scenerios dealing with a clash in the North Sea, or perhaps a clash over Korea or something - then the players have to try and resolve the conflict without ending up with global annihiliation!

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