Bad connection troubles

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Bad connection troubles

Postby sumpis » Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:27 pm

I'm having some very bad connection problems, connecting to games take ages, and I'm almost never to connect to a started game to spectate or rejoin a game I've been disconected from, synchronising always chokes up.
Also once I get connected I get bad lag and have to resynch almost all the time.

I'm having trouble figuring out what could be wrong, my connection is very stable and very fast (100/10mbit/s) and I get these problems on games hosted pretty close to me, also I'm usually the only one getting it on the servers I play on.

Ive got no hardware firewall and I get the same problems when I turn my software firewall off. The only thing standing between this computer and the internet is a 8-port switch.

Its a pretty newly installed windows with good anti-virus etc. And I've never had any connection problems on any game before.

Edit: Ive been able to play this game smoothly until yesterday when I started having these connection problems, maybe its windows fucking up completely cause I've had some other problems earlier on but I'm to damned lazy to make a full reinstall right now so any kind of tips is highly apreciated, I dunno really what kind of info you need to help but ask and thy shall recive :D

Edit2: Also reciving scores from he serverwindow is impossible it seems.

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