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Postby brisk » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:48 pm

NeatNit wrote:I don't remember (haven't played in years, and even then I didn't even play enough to start the story :P) but I know there's a way - experiment. Click on things you're unsure of. Etc.

Thanks for the additional prodding. I just figured it out. The list of servers on your "home" screen (for lack of a better word) has [X] buttons to the left of it (for forgetting their entry) and a column of blank space to the right. Servers which appear on the map have an icon in that blank space that resembles either a [+] or some interlocked gears [%]. The various states indicate the visibility and color of the link on the map. To re-enable a server, you just click the black space next to it (intuitive, right?) which causes one of these buttons to appear.

Hovering in the black space next to a server entry does tell you that the black space toggles visibility and color. Go fig.

It's a bit obtuse for a user-interface, but now that I know about it, it's manageable. This is something that a tutorial should really guide you through.

Better yet, instead of a blank space, a blue border on the space would be best. Then you'd see that there's something there to click, and that it's different in appearance from the items that ARE on the map. Clicking would then cycle through the options -> [ ] -> [%] -> [+] -> [ ].

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