Uplink 1.49 Steam released

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Uplink 1.49 Steam released

Postby frenchfrog » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:13 pm

Uplink 1.49 as been released to Steam users.

Changes from last Steam version (1.46) :


- Fixed : Some IRC crashes.

- Added : Save the world map coloring option for each location.

- Changed : 'options' file is now encoded in Redshirt 2.
- Changed : Saved games are now encoded in Redshirt 2. If the hash calculation fails, it will try to load the last good version of the saved game.

- Note : Saved games from this version will be incompatible with older versions of Uplink.


- Fixed : Crash problems with dead agent computer.
- Fixed : Crash on the Academic Database or the Social Security Database when searching a name that is not in the record.
- Fixed : Problem with the close button on the Protovision server.
- Fixed : Alt-tabing crashes by not painting the screen when minimized.
- Fixed : Problems with custom gateways.
- Fixed : Crash in the contact screen if the mission is already taken.
- Fixed : Crashes at exit.
- Fixed : Crash due to over limit mission difficulty.
- Fixed : Crash with the Dictionary Hacker.

- Added : File Copier, File Deleter, Decrypter, Log Deleter, Log Undeleter, don't unstick from the mouse when used.
- Added : An option to show servers on the world map in a different color ( click the visibility button on the servers screen to cycle between visible, visible and colored, not visible ).
- Added : An option for faster animation speed.


- Fixed : Crash in the tutorial involving the 'File Copier'.
- Fixed : Crashes involving running a screen on a computer different then the one currently connected to ( easy to trigger when using the dialler).
- Fixed : Crash related to plot mission "Revelation Launch due soon?".
- Fixed : Crash related to invalid IPs due to log modifier.
- Fixed : World map locations in water.
- Fixed : World map cities placements on agent creation.

- Changed : Added Microsoft opengl32.dll to the installation for people having problems with their graphic card provided one ( see readme.txt ).

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