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Onlink and the Mac Source Code

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 11:17 pm
by Ozymandias IV
The following post was made by Miah Helpmann in the General Forum:
Some people have been asking about what the new mod of Onlink has to offer. Here is a SMALL list to show you people, not all of these are done, but will be soon enough


Bandwidth Monitor Bypass V1.0-5.0
Bandwidth Monitor Disable V1.0-5.0
Bandwidth Monitor Killer V1.0
Bank Purge V1.0
Compressor V1.0-4.0
Connection Killer V1.0
Console Inject V1.0
Decompressor V1.0-4.0
Denial of Service V1.0
Encryptor V1.0-7.0
Encryption Bypass V1.0-5.0
Encryption Disable V1.0-5.0
Encryption Killer V1.0
File Copier V2.0
Finger Printer V1.0
Firewall Killer V1.0
Gateway Defeater V1.0-5.0
md4 Extract V1.0
md5 Extract V1.0
Imaginary Chaos V1.0
Inverse Spike V1.0
Iris Analyzer V1.0
LAN Reveal V1.0
LAN Spike V1.0
Log Nuker V1.0
Pc Spike V1.0
Proxy Killer V1.0
Real Chaos V1.0
Record Adder V1.0
Retinal Analyzer V1.0
Sentry Bypass V1.0-5.0
Sentry Disable V1.0-5.0
Sentry Killer V1.0
Session Key Bypass V1.0
Session Key Killer V1.0
SHA-1 Extract V1.0
Tic-tac-toe V1.0 – Thanks to Stormchild
VDPIN Defeater V1.0-3.0


mp3 Player V1.0 – Thanks to Dna and elDiablo
Pc Force (Hack at other agents!)
Pc Secure (now you can be a target as well. Defend yourself.)
C++ Programming Client
Chaos Library
Connection Analysis Enhancer V1.0
Chip View
Master Key
Hyper Drive Support
Nano-Drive Support


CPUs: range up to 500 Ghz (max price at 250000 cr.)
Memory Chips: buy in bulk up to 512 Gq
RAM Chips: New interface. Buy chips up to 256 Gq in size. Room in the RAM interface is needed to run certain programs, and for HUD and SYS software
Modems: up to 25 Gq/s for Satellite modems, and 40 Gq/s for Spintronic Modems
Gateway Satellite Uplink
Gateway Timed Disconnect
Gateway Wi-Fi
Infinity Chip




uIRC (Enhanced to use certain commands, and directs to the right server)
uHTTP (an in-game web browser)


Active Server Encryption
Bandwidth Monitor
Default Gateway
Session Key

Finger Analyzer
Iris Analyzer
Retinal Analyzer
VDPIN (up to quad-state system) - Thanks to Icepick (up to tri-state)
Virtual Dynamic Personal Identification Number [SECURE] (VSEC)


Fax Machine – use with the Print Server
Print Server
VCC (Vertical Cross Connect) – move to another “level” in the LAN


Car Database
Center for Disease Control (plus 6 "localized" medical databases and 4 Biohazard level labs)
FBI Database (plus 5 other "localized" databases) – Thanks to Stormchild for the assistance
International Clearance Bank (plus 12 branch offices around the world. This system is the theoretical crown jewel of Onlink, if you can ever manage to get in! )
48 National Banks, including 6 free ones (the ones you pay for are more secure )
InterNIC (now with a registrar database) – Thanks to Stormchild
Phone Database
United Nations (plus multiple localized systems, from the white house and the pentagon, to Buckingham Palace and on)
Warez World (buy pirated software for super-cheap! Be careful, you will be disavowed if you are caught.)

If you have any other idea that may add to this mod, feel free to share them.

Doesn't that mod sound great? Want to download it when it's finished? Well, if you're a Mac user, too bad. Since Ambrosia refuse to release the source code for the Mac version, this and other great Dev Mods can't be made for Mac. That's why I'm starting this petition to get Ambrosia to release their source code. Reply to this topic, or, better yet, e-mail Ambrosia at, well, find out an e-mail address and mail them.

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 3:22 pm
by Miah
Being that the first copy of Uplink that I ever owned was for the Mac, and the fact that I want to port the Onlink mod to mod, I HEREBY JOIN THE PETITION

I would also like to make mention the Ambrosia would be doing their customers (if not themselves) a favor in allowing more variety in the game. Please consider the release.

And I asked Chris. The way it sounds, he's never seen the mac port-code

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 6:58 pm
by Rkiver
Sounds like a great idea. I for one think it should be available for the Mac, even though I am a PC user.

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 7:51 pm
by Ozymandias IV
Maybe I should move this topic to the general forums, as not many people check this one (not even me :) )

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 8:02 pm
by Miah
Meh.. I have a sinking feeling that the General one may end up locked, though... :(

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 8:12 pm
by Blasted heath
Like Rkiver I do not use a mac, but am not cold hearted and with everyone to experience miah's work :)

I also sign up to this petition

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 8:18 pm
by LLamaBoy
I have never used a mac in my live, but depriving a lot of people of what seems a potentially fantastic mod, as well as possible future mods, seems very unfair.

I hereby place my name upon this petition.

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 9:07 pm
by ODDin
I don't own a Mac, and I don't know anyone who owns a Mac, but I still feel that Ozy's right here, so I'll sign, both here and in the General forum.


P.S. That's probably my 1st post in this forum ever. And could well be the last as well.

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 3:28 pm
by Miah
At last, I have received word from Ambrosia. They wish to see a working copy first, which i can do.

Then, they'll decide :/

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 10:33 pm
by Woelf
Sing me up...
I wish I whould have gotten the Linux version... not the mac...
To bad they dont put both(or rather all 3 (lin mac win)) on one cd...
Or atleast have a download for the other system which you can register with the same licence code...

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:03 pm
by Jaradus
I'll sign the petition.

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 9:51 pm
by th3dunadan
signed... FBI mod too??

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 4:52 am
by NightWind
I second all motions mentioned in this topic so far!!!!! Onlink...FBI...geez...if we had this stuff...Global Thermonuclear War is getting so boring.

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:39 am
by prozak
can mac users atleast use custom gateways and such?

and global thermo nuclear war is so much fun, i like nuking the city im in while i have a freind flash his highbeams at my window, that way it looks like theres a bomb going of outside.... but that could just be me.

anywho ill sign the petition.

Posted: Tue Nov 16, 2004 4:09 pm
by Miah
Sure, they can get custom gateways and themes, but they add little to gameplay.