Need help with book 2, I am really lost

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Need help with book 2, I am really lost

Postby McBreed » Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:15 pm

Ok, so after I read several post here I manage to :

1. Use redshir to to get the world.dat to world.mp3
2. Get the image from /bonus/genesis/bible "book2-page22-23.jpg"
3. Strip the ONETIMEREDSHIRT from "RIMG0012.JPG"
4. OTP this two files to get the OTP key
5. Search this key in world.mp3 and found it
6. OTP this key with the RIMG0012.JPG, failed nolt a valid jpg file
7. strip the ONETIMEREDSHIRT from readme.txt
8. OTP readme.txt with the first 3511 bytes from world.mp3 and get this:

in black to avoid spoliers

A message starting with the word "CONGRATULATIONS You've success fully manage to brea" and then gargabe, and al the message is the same part garbage part message.

What I am doing wrong?
please help!

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