Yes, I'm another noob searching for Book 2

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Yes, I'm another noob searching for Book 2

Postby Kenada » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:35 am

Ok, right now, I switched the *****.dat into *****.mp3 and I changed the shirts into all redshirts in the text file and all the JPEGs (Converted the JPEGs into TXTs.) I have no idea how to work with the mp3 file- it doesn't turn on with a Windows Media Player and I'm not sure what application to run it on.

I get what OTP is, but then it doesn't even work if the file was XOR'd. Isn't OTP and XOR different? Besides, I'm not sure what kind of text it was done in- it's not alphabet for sure. I have a OTP generator and I tried decrypting the readme file but I didn't get much. (Btw it seemed to turn into letters with the generator).

I'm sorry, I know that this has been discussed several hundred times.. But then, I got bored when I got to the 7th page of my search, and the hints weren't very helpful.

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