Yeah, Book 2 again. I don't feel i'm even close

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Yeah, Book 2 again. I don't feel i'm even close

Postby Maelia » Tue Feb 14, 2006 5:51 pm

My, what a puzzle for my brains!

Someone gotta give me a hint somehow!

Okay here what i've tried :

got the book 2 files. All jpgs listed up to 52

I know about *****.dat.

I got myself a redshirt which i found uterly useless
I got myself Hex Workshop which prooved to be more than a little asset for "decryption"

I also got Cryptit1.3 that can XOR out my jpg files using a *****.dat KEY file. I can even Input the amount of bytes to use from the key file. Unfortunatly, it gives me nothing but a no preview avaible.

I tried to cut *****.dat into seperate files using the space usage of the jpgs files in a row (i.e. Take 123 KB (126 964 bytes) of Hex and save it into a differant file called dat01.dat)

I take dat01.dat as the key file trying to decrypt jpg0001. Still nothing :(

Any clue would make my day. i'm on this case since 2 days ago lol
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Postby GeneralSamov » Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:33 pm

First, hello all :P

Second well it's the same here. I spent all yesterday's day trying to figure out what to do, changed "ONETIMEREDSHIRT" in all the book files to "REDSHIRT" and then de-redshirted, but it won't decrypt right... I'm interested, is the file size the EXACT file size (in bytes) of the little file, is it in kB,.... tried also, at the end of my nerves, using the program requiring .NET, but that didn't help either (except from maybe telling me that cheating is bad :P )... a little hint would be much appreciated, thanks.

P.S. Yes, I used google and yes, I used search 8)

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