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Help needed - book2

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 1:42 pm
by F.behemot

Help poor guy form Poland!
Look, here's what I know:
ONETIMEREDSHIRT files can be decrypted when I delete 'ONE' from them with Hex edit
I then need OTP software (or any XOR soft)
To decode them finally, i need to split world.mp3 into parts, and I only need half of it (size of book2 is half of world.mp3)

What i DON'T know is:
Is there anything in that file that marks cut places.
What does the hint in bonus disk (with frequencies) mean.
Do I really need the data form that hint?

Please, help me a bit. Tell me, if i'm wrong somewhere, and something i don't know. It's in my mind for few weeks now.

Another idea is that all *.jpeg have the same header. So i could XOR encoded header (after decodidng with redshirt) with good one from another *.jpeg and i would have the pattern i should look for in world.mp3. But i'm still not shure wether do I de-shirt it properly. I need you, guys! Helping hand would be welcome!