Custom map graphics installation

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Custom map graphics installation

Postby Renodil » Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:29 pm

I downloaded custom maps and the instructions say that all I have to do is copy the .tif files into my graphics folder and launch the game. I tried not only launching the game, but like with custom LANs, tried creating a new user and it still shows the default maps.

I even tried extracting the graphics.dat file and then replacing the files that way and then renamed the graphics.dat to and replaced the original one and it still showed the default one. How can it be showing the default map when the file no longer exists?

And here's a real head scratch-er. I just deleted the file all together. Every graphic is missing except the world map which is still, you guessed it, showing the default map. And this was after a complete re-installation of the game. i.e. I uninstalled it, deleted anything remaining, and then installed it again, then deleted the graphics.dat file.

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