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Postby Stewsburntmonkey » Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:39 pm

I find it very diffecult to read your posts, its largely the lack of capitalization.

I have played both games and I prefer Uplink (though it is certainly not perfect). I don't like the trace hacker missions or the copy database missions. I think those are two of the weakest points of Uplink in fact. I don't mind others having differing opinions, in fact I welcome it. However I (and many other vets here) are very sensitive to the tone of posts. We don't particularly care for the "fuck the world" attitude many people, like yourself seem to take. Basic decency goes a long way here and many new members find us very welcoming.

I have personally used the default gateway through the entire game and was able to pull it off (I even got around to finally doing the plot with it, which I had never bothered to do before).

Heh, I like the comment about ToRmEnToR's nick, very true. :)
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Postby Corruptation » Thu Apr 15, 2004 7:19 am

Review on annihilator666's review

Your first post on this topic:

No capitals, no punctuations, no full stops, only advertising, don't bother to try out my link.

Your second post on this topic:

Is DS being free a rumour?

No capitals, no full stops at the last paragraph, comparing Uplink's weakness with DS' good points without anything about Uplink's good points (eg. Graphics with DScript), hate Uplink (the only explaination), talking about realism (thats the main point of Uplink, not realistic).

Your third post on this topic:

No full stop at the second, fourth (including line 6), fifth and sixth paragraph. Line 6 has a , instead of a . at the end. Talking things in Uplink which are warned against you that it would make the game boring (Bank Hacking).

Don't know how to set up a simple challenge or goal himself.

Your fourth post on this topic:

Talking rubbish (I explained DScript cannot be exceuted outside DS). DScript is modifing DS, not creating something.

No full stops at line 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Doesn't know what is the meaning of challenge and not bothering to look it up in the dictionary.

Your fifth post on this topic:

Doesn't think about the concept of Bank Hacking or cheating. Thankyou for comfirming my information.

DScript is for modifing, not creating. Uplink requires some typing at some point. It's just the lack of things to type.

Nothing is impossible in Uplink, it's only your determination and laziness.

Your sixth post on this topic:

No punctuations and full stops in Line 1 and 7.

You said solve a problem but surely you must have got hints? Who said you need to do copy a database on the first Gateway? If you have some brains, don't do it then! :lol:

We don't call ourselves, 1337, E337, l337, leet or Elite.

Doesn't look fun to me, you said annoying trace tracker. Punctuation is punctuation not puntuation. Comer (or whatever, I forgot) is not Kommar. Basic grammar? That's punctuation.

Read this:


Then this:


I'd say the second one is more clearer.

We don't flame people claiming to build Uplink Online. We flame them because they either have no knowledge or doing it other way or whatever.

If you read the recent topic on General, we have welcomed a member because:

1. He has long posts.

2. He has capitals, punctuations etc.

3. He was kind.

4. Thought of what kind of post would help him. (not things like dood! velcome me!)

To see the minor details in Uplink, you have to buy the DevCD. (no CD means you have not finished Uplink to the tinest detail)

In conclusion: Why do we flame/hate you?

1. You have no capitals, punctuations and full stops.

2. You don't know the good points of Uplink.

3. You hate Uplink because you are in another organization. (DS, exoSyphen etc.)

4. Your review is to say rubbish things about Uplink because you want to discredit Uplink and promote your organization.

5. You haven't studies the Uplink community long enough to make a good conclusion of flamming/aggresive attitude etc.

There you go. :) My reply to all of your post and to you.
I did defeat Epyon, on Hard Mode but I used up lots of continues. :)
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Postby coolsi » Thu Apr 15, 2004 9:03 am

annihilator666 wrote:coolsi: im not ToRmEnToR (why do these semi leet people always have such annoying nicks?)

Are you sure?

ToRmEnToR also went by the nick AvEnGeR666...as well as many others ending in 666...it's just curious you come along with a nick ending in...666, saying how crap Uplink is (ToRmEnToR thought that) and how ToRmEnToR was a beta tester of Darksigns (you seem to be close to that...).

Oh, an "annihilator" is awfully close to "avenger", isn't it?
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Postby jim_the_coder » Sun Apr 25, 2004 11:10 am

1. @Everyone else - Don't feed the troll.

2. @annihilator666 - You must be pretty sad. Do you have nothing better to do than come to the heart of this community and slag off the game it is founded on? If you don't like the game, why come here? The people here do like it in the main. They have an opinion; you have an opinion. I don't say either one is correct, but this is not the best place to express yours. If DS is so much better, why are you wasting your time here?
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Postby Corruptation » Sun Apr 25, 2004 11:39 am

Troll? This person is only giving a rubbish review and we are telling him how rubbish it is. A troll starts with a post like "you all sux" so this person is not a troll.
I did defeat Epyon, on Hard Mode but I used up lots of continues. :)

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