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If there were an Uplink 2 .. let it be "Don't quit, Own it!" [WIP] 17/09/17

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:18 am
by arunmordoubleagent
Don't quit, Own it! is a Work In Progress made with C++ and OpenGL (by 1 person seeking help)
You MUST watch this video:

    It's Multi-Lingual
    It has multi monitor support
    A real console
    There is a boot screen and BIOS with a cool CRT shader
    Process simulation
    Gui windows and widgets
    The music player has a visualisation bar
    The password breaker uses real code to generate passwords and looks realistic.
    I've also just added a trace tracker and phreaking boxes!

Aqua box (Drain the voltage of the FBI lock-in-trace/trap-trace)

I intend to add autocomplete to the terminal similar to how it was done in hackmud and darksigns.

I'm currently working on a scripting language to use within the game, it's called OOP Code.
There will be a place in game for scripting tutorials etc. called OOP Link.



Donate address: 1FyG5JvRBX2nqjLroLvHta3HgWsj7Pq6Bm

Please let me know if you would like your language supporting - see for a list of supported languages.

UPDATE 11/08/17
Currently redoing commands and adding translations, would anyone wish to assist with translations please say so or they will initially be done with google translate. Also let me know if you want your language adding so that I don't miss it, as I've decided to stick with the most spoken languages for now.


UPDATE 12/08/17
I've made some progress with the map prototype, lots of huge image files from NASA have been split and resized to make this happen. It allows zooming in really far and the detail is great.


Check out my blog to see how this has been made from scratch

UPDATE 14/09/17
Themes are now supported

Re: If there were an Uplink 2 .. let it be "Don't quit, Own it!" [WIP] 17/09/17

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:00 am
by thefinaldawn.exe
Pretty cool game :D
you may recognize this user from A Certain Game