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Cross platform saves...

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:53 pm
by g126
Hey guys,

New to the forum but been playing uplink since it was released (96 I think).. Good old school days! I was at boarding school and Uplink was a fun past time back then...

Anyhow, I do apologize if this has already been mentioned, but I did a quick search and all I found was unanswered threads.

Here is the idea: wouldn't it be nice to be able to pick up exactly where you left of on your iPad (or favorite tablet) and carry on playing on the PC (or Mac)? And vice versa?

I've attempted this yesterday without success... I did manage to put my PC version of the save file on the iPad (using iExplorer), but it fails to load the profile claiming to be a REDSHR when it needs to be something else.

Two problems here:
1) Sync mechanism - using iExplorer is not for everyone and it would be a pain if you needed to do all that every time you were to switch platforms. A simple solution would be an in game backup/restore function to DROPBOX, I've seen this done in quite a few gams now and it works quite well, plus it's simple to use.
2) Save format, it appears that the iPad uses a different format that the PC (hence the error above). Again the solution seems simple enough (although it may be complex, need a developer input here)... Simply patch the iPad version (or PC version) to use the same save format (or read either format) and/or standardize the SAVES across all platforms.

Re: Cross platform saves...

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:48 pm
by Rosomak909
I also want cross platform saves. It would be awesome :D . You could can create a online account on tablet ,set password and acess this account from computer. For example on holiday trip you are playing on tablet, but after returning to home you can play on PC. This could bring more profits for Introversion Soft. Because people would buy this game for two platforms, but now it does not make sense.

Re: Cross platform saves...

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:01 am
by hollyrbraswell
It is really a useful thread.

Re: Cross platform saves...

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 12:16 pm
by ArchieLoane
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