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Postby FreezeYouAway » Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:33 am

I think Bank hacking should kind of be evolutionary :o Like it takes a lot of raw skill and stuff but also it isn't like you do it once and then you know how to do it easily everytime. I think every Bank should have different security systems, and depending on that their clientele will have different bank balances. In real life the higher end banks that cater to rich people obviously have much better security, and the lower end ones don't. So it could kind of be like you can hack the easier banks, but their clients only have upto 10,000 credits, and then the million dollar banks take a ton of software to crack and are really good at tracing you so you have to be extremely practiced. Bank hacking should become kind of a part of the game like any other sort of mission, and you start off easy and kind of practice your way up until you're good at it :D Obviously, I think the sequel should have much more ways to blow money, maybe even gambling since that's always a nice way to waste excess money :P Or imagine a Casino feature, and you can hack into Casino systems to tilt odds? :P

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